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Situations are constantly arising where our values, convictions and judgement are put to the test, and KRONE is no exception. The Group management has therefore put in place the KRONE Compliance Programme which represents a conscious decision on our part to make integrity central to our activities.

Integrity means ensuring that our way of thinking and our actions are consistent with our values. Foremost among our corporate values are diligence and honesty – values that are exemplified by the Krone family and which continue to shape the company. The Code of Conduct specifies the values that underpin the KRONE Group’s activities and, by extension, the actions of each individual employee.

Integrity is also the courage to make the right decisions and to bear the consequences. We work on the reasonable assumption that, in essence, every individual wishes to behave correctly. It is therefore a matter of being able to recognise right and wrong in every situation and applying common sense to then do the right thing. Compliance should thus become a guiding principle in everyday professional life, a moral compass that points us in the right direction.


What does compliance mean?

The term ‘compliance’ essentially means adherence to rules and fulfilment of obligations. For companies, this means abiding by all legal regulations. Beyond this self-evident fact, compliance also includes the establishment of organisational procedures that ensure the company adheres to requirements laid down by the law and those defined by the company.

Unlawful acts as well as behaviour that does not conform to the prevailing value system can have far-reaching consequences. For example, the company lays itself open to fines, claims for damages and even confiscation of earnings. Furthermore, accusations of illegal activity cause massive damage to the company’s image, which has a negative impact on its business. Employees who break the law must also expect consequences. Such misconduct may result in imprisonment, fines, claims for damages and/or sanctions under employment legislation.


Compliance at KRONE

Compliance is not an abstract concept, but rather a binding set of rules that affects all employees at KRONE, regardless of their role or rank. All relevant information can be found in the KRONE Code of Conduct and Compliance Guidelines. Below you will also find statements by KRONE on the UK Modern Slavery Act and the Code of Conduct for Business Partners.

We encourage all business partners, customers and employees to speak openly about their issues and concerns. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can talk to the Compliance Officer or contact In addition, you can contact our independent lawyer of confidence (ombudsman), Dr Thiel von Herff, who will also receive tip-offs about irregularities.


The KRONE Group issues a policy statement on respecting human rights and thus expressly acknowledges their responsibility in the supply chains.
The protection of human rights has the highest priority for the KRONE Group. With the following policy statement for social responsibility and human rights, we are making a strong and binding commitment to this once again. Our goal is to manufacture only products that are produced without violating human rights.


Our whistleblower system

Despite our best efforts, even a well-developed compliance system cannot prevent individuals from breaking the rules.

If infringements occur, employees and external third parties alike have the option of directly contacting the designated compliance officers or anonymously contacting our ombudsman.

Their contact details can be found below.

Confidentiality and data protection are always ensured in any dealings with the above persons. Our internal whistleblowing policy ensures that any employee who reports a suspected infringement to the best of their knowledge and belief will not suffer any disadvantages.

We investigate all reports fairly and confidentially . Where a breach is identified, we respond with measures to remedy the misconduct immediately.


Your Compliance contacts:
Chief Compliance Officer: Dr Stefan Binnewies
Executive Compliance Officer: Irene Vehring
Lawyer of confidence (Ombudsman): Dr Carsten Thiel von Herff

Executive Compliance Officer:
Irene Vehring
Telefon: +49 (0)5977 - 935 48714

Lawyer of confidence (Ombudsman):
Dr. Carsten Thiel von Herff, LL.M.
Loebellstraße 4, D - 33602 Bielefeld
Phone: +49 521 557 333 0 / Mobile: +49 151 58230321
Reporting platform: